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We are offering Cheapest Web Hosting per year and cheapest Domain name in New York. Also wide range of web services like Domain names, SSL certificates, Web Hosting services, Email hosting services and cloud services including cloud servers.

BHH offers web technologies and services needed for startup and established businesses. Our web hosting services offers solutions to basic personal website and to advanced E-commerce sites. Our customers include but not just limited to Blog portals but also very complex db based business related dynamic web sites. We are trying to satisfy every customer regardless of value or number of services they buy from us. We also started offering the virtual private servers at very low cost to our customers. The cloud servers can be used to develop, test and deploy any type of personal and business applications like blogs, mobile apps, business web sites. Another value added service we added is everyday Domain promotions. We offer almost 500 plus domain extensions like .us, .com, .accountant and so on, the inventory is unlimited and its keep on adding every month. Another product we offering is Web Security for web hosting, which is very useful for preventing cyber attacks. So don’t go away without Cheapest Web Hosting per year and cheapest Domain name in New York.

500+ New Domain Extensions

1000+ WordPress Themes

CustomersNorth America, Europe, Asia

What we do

Cheapest Domain name in New York


We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

As you know our team of experts works for our customers 24/7 to provide an exceptional service. Also we try our best to provide an 99.99% up time.

Global Data Center Support

We host our servers at different data-centers. So in case of any natural disaster, our services will be available. Because all our servers are located at very safe and high availability data centers with fail safe setup. To provide high speed web, we have our name servers located all over the globe. That means its does not matter, if your web site is being accessed from any part of the word. Just an example if one of your customer is located in New York, and he/she want to access your website (Domain Name) then will automatically get connected to the nearest web server to get the web response quickly. Similarly same website will be available to the other customers located in Asia, Australia, Europe from their regional web hosting servers.

Linux Hosting Environment

We prefer to use the most secure Linux hosting servers. Linux hosting servers are known to be the safest and easy to manage infrastructural piece in online word.

Product Support

We have really good database of articles to cover any issues our web hosting customer face. They can access our knowledge Anytime – Anywhere on the globe. Plus they can also get an online support by raising a support ticket.

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Starting your 1st Website using our Web Hosting

Its very simple process to start your 1st website in minutes. Your 1st web site can be your New business website, blog or any other personal website. We offer all the web services under one umbrella. Instead of wasting time on very complicated and confusing online web hosting company sites, We made all the process very simple and convenient. Just follow the screen prompt and start your 1st website in minutes using our word class web services. There are 4 important components needed to start your 1st web site Click here to start 

Cheapest Domain name in New York

Because its a required component, so that anyone can find you on the web, anywhere in the word by seaching your domain name. for example your web site name is  or, if you already have a Domain name then you can also use it and transfer to us Register or Transfer your existing Domain or Website Name

Cheapest Web Hosting per year

Because web hosting is a main key element in setting up your website. Its a web space where you host or store your web site content to run a website.

Web design tools

Another important building block of your website is choice of web design tool. There are many tools available in the market, but WordPress is one of the best. Its do it your self web design tool, and you can design and publish your website or online business in minutes.

Cheapest Web Security

Finally SSL Certificate is required to protect your online information. Its a unique piece of code installed on the website. SSL encrypt and decrypt the web traffic between user and web server. Therefore keeping the hackers away and make the web safe.

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Why Choose Us?

Reliability, Speed and Security
Offering low cost web services including Domain names to all our global customers on a very secure, reliable and fast Linux Servers.
Responsive Design
We also offer the web design services in case any of our customers want a customer looking for a custom web design or Logo design for their web site.
Easy Knowledge Base
We have a really good upto date knowledge base for the our customers, where they can get most of their issues resolved by looking at how to do it articles. Read More
Free Web Tools & Applications
All our web hosting plans offer some free web tools and applications, The most popular and useful is WordPress web design tool, which is a 3rd part application, which we are offering. There may be some add-on plugin required which are optional and users can buy them if they want to add some extra features.
24/7 Award Winning Support
All our services comes with an email support, where users can create support tickets, but our recommendation is before raising an Support ticket please refer to our Knowledge Base. Read More
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Linux Servers Web Hosting
BLUE HILL Hosting offers Linux based web hosting, which are very reliable and stable and known for speed and sequity.
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