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Each web domain name registration comes with many features, including:

Let’s encrypt – $0 – Secure your website with our Free SSL – Lets Encrypt.

Email Forwarding – $0 – Forward your Business email addresses Automatically under your domain to any other email address of your choice./p>

DNS Management – Complete control over your domain DNS for the life of your domain name. And to make any changes to as per your need.

Domain Transfer Lock – Get protection for Domain transfer lock from any unauthorized transfer, or “hijack” Without your permission.

How do I get a new domain name?

Do not worry, and it’s easy to search and register a domain. There are four steps to register a new domain name in no time:

  1. First, think about a domain name extension like .com, .info etc. The domain extension is the part at the end of the domain name — .com, .xyx, .net, .bid, .biz, live, .org, or .ooo, for example.
  2. Choose the extension based on what you’d like on the other side of the dot. This could be your business name or your specialty like .doc if you are a doctor.
  3. Type the domain name you want into the domain search box at the top of this page. You will get a realtime confirmation if that particular domain name is available and also show others available similar names you may like better.
  4. Now select the domain, add it to your cart and purchase it. Once payment is made, you will be the proud owner of your site name all over the globe. As long as it’s registered to under your personal or company name, no one else can claim the same domain name with the same Extention.


Tips on finding the right domain name?

As it’s straightforward to register a custom domain name. But choosing a good domain strategy helps you buy the best domain name possible for your new website. But here are some hints which can be helpful when deciding a domain name:

  • You need to make sure it is easy to remember and explains the type of business behind the scene. Because of this, most of the business web sites get their domain names with their business names part of the domain name. But some people choose the business name based on the domain they find and register.
  • Be careful. Don’t register a name that’s copyrighted, trademarked, or being used by another company or any website. This can lead to legal problems and losing the domain.
  • The shorter domain website name is usually better because it’s easier for anyone to remember your website name. It’s also easy to find matching usernames for Twitter, Facebook, etc.


Are you opening a local business?

Always try to include your city and country in your domain so that local customers can find where you are located. And you get some help promoting locally. Always check the available extension options from the list of geographic domain extensions — .us .nyc .in.

Another significant thing is to avoid numbers and hyphens in the website address. Your website users will get confused if you’re using a numeral 2 or “two.” Like when your website name has a number in it and users will be entering the wrong site name, and you will lose the business to copycats. 

To avoid this, try to register both versions to avoid any confusion — with the number spelled correctly. (Using dashes is look unprofessional and asking for trouble.)

Always get similar domains matching your business name and business web site. As your business traffic grows, the copycats will try to register identical domain names in hopes of stealing online sales. So buy similar or misspelled domains early, so this won’t be an issue later.


Generally asked questions when buying web domain names.

What is a domain name?

Technically, a network domain name is a human-readable form of a Server IP address. It’s the online destination that any web user types into a web browser to visit a website like or To explain it quickly, it is very similar to finding a phone contact from your smartphone. By typing a name instead of manually entering the full phone number. So in our case, the phone number is an IP address, which is saved with some custom name related to our business.

From where I can buy a domain name?

With, Buying a domain name is very simple and easy. 1st enter the business name in the domain search box at the top of this page to check domain availability in realtime. The search results will show you the availability of your search and some close match suggestions to choose from. Then follow the simple prompts. Enter your contact info to claim the ownership along with the payment info to purchase your domain, and that’s how the domain registration process completes in few minutes.

Is it possible to transfer my old domain to

Yes. Its very simple to transfer any existing domain registered anywhere from another company to us, but the name should be owned by you or your company. 

If you want to keep your domain with the old company but want to use our web hosting services. You just update the DNS name servers at your former registrar with our name servers mentioned in your hosting dashboard under your hosting account. This is not recommended, but it is possible if you don’t want to move the domain to us but want to use our web hosting services. 

But, to make your life easy, we would recommend both hosting and the domain registration with us to improve the speed and to get a real tech support experience.

What is WHOIS Domain Privacy? And Do I need this?

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an organization that controls and governs the rules and regulations for web domain name registrations. For various reasons, ICANN wants to determine ownership of a domain. In case of a dispute, etc., ICANN wants a publicly accessible database to be maintained with contact information of all domain registrants. In simple language, your web domain name is publicly searchable by anyone. And which will include your Business name, your name, physical address, and other contact information, etc.? 

So to protect your identity for privacy purposes, we are offer WHOIS Domain Privacy, Which will mask your sensitive information. And controls who can access your contact information via a public WHOIS search on the internet. So next time, whenever you buy any web domain name, no matter where you purchase your domain name, the same ICANN rules apply everywhere. always recommends and offers the lowest price for WHOIS Domain Privacy.

How many maximum web domain names can I host with

With our startup web hosting plan, you can only host one domain and unlimited subdomains, plus register and park unlimited domains for future use. 

But we have a premium web hosting plans with unlimited domains. Those can be used to host any number of websites in parallel. 

It is crucial to select a web hosting plan that fits your web hosting needs. All web hosting plans allow unlimited subdomains with the cPanel dashboard. In case you need to upgrade any service, its just one clicks away.

Is it possible if I can use my custom domain to create a business email?

Yes, it is 100% possible. This is an essential requirement to convey online business professionalism with your domain email address. This also helps to make an excellent first impression when sending a marketing email. The most essential is that your email address matches your domain name.

How to create a Professional Business Email?

Once you register your Domain name along with the web hosting, then login to the cPanel and goto email Accounts. There you just follow the instructions to create your custom business email. And also instruction to access your web and mobile email.

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