4 Easy-to-Learn Vaping Tricks with your High-Quality Vape Pen

There are so many enjoyable aspects of vaping—one of them is performing vape tricks. Tricks like blowing smoke rings are simple vaping tricks that have been around for decades and are easy to learn. Many people do it for fun.  There are even competitions for the best vaping tricks nowadays. If you’re new to vaping, wouldn’t it be nice to learn some basic vaping skills you can use to entertain your friends? That’s what you’ll be learning here.

Make sure you have a high-quality DrDabber CBD Vape pen and sub-ohm vape tank, as it will be nearly impossible to implement any of the vaping tricks you’ll be learning here using a standard vape pen.


This is a very cool and simple vaping trick to learn. Ensure your tank has enough CBD oil because this trick needs a lot of vapor!

Step 1. Place the mouthpiece of your vaporizer in your mouth and take a long drag.


Step 2. Once you’ve filled your mouth with vapor, exhale intensely through your mouth and nose.

Step 3. To ensure the vapor gets the four steam required to complete the dragon vaping trick, it is essential that you keep the middle part of your mouth closed.

Circles or Rings

This is a popular trick that allows you to blow vapor in the form of circles or rings.  Before trying out more complex tricks, it is important to learn trick because it serves as the basis.

Step 1. Place the mouthpiece of your CBD oil vape pen in your mouth and take a deep drag.

Step 2.  Touch the back of your lower teeth with your tongue.

Step 3. Shape your lips like a ring or circle.

Step 4. Let the vapor out of your mouth slowly and watch it take the shape of a circle or ring.

The Tornado

A tornado is a good way to transition to mid-level vaping. The trick is exactly what the name suggests—the vapor is made to look like a tornado. To achieve this, you need a high-quality vape pen that produces thick, still, vapor.

Step 1: Find a flat surface, like a table.

Step 2: Place the mouthpiece of your CBD oil vape pen in your mouth and take a deep drag.

Step 3: Ensure all windows are closed to prevent wind from interfering, then exhale the thick vapor on the flat surface you prepared.

Step 4: Just like when you’re shaking someone, use your hand to chop the surface of the sides going in.

Step 5: At the center, move your wrists and raise your arm. Do it in one go, and watch the vapor look like a tornado.

The Ghost

This is another popular and simple vaping trick. Follow the following steps to perform this trick.

Step 1. Place the mouthpiece of your CBD oil vape pen in your mouth and take a deep drag.

Step 2. Let the vapor accumulate in your mouth by waiting for a few seconds before exhaling.

Step 3. Inhale all the vapor quickly back into your mouth to make the vapor disappear like a ghost.

Start practicing these vape tricks right away.

Now that you’ve learned a few vaping tricks, it’s time to put them into practice. If its 1st time vaping, you can learn these tricks in no time.

It is important, however, that you use high-quality CBD vape pens and a high-VG e-juice so that you can generate enough vapor. Your CBD vape pen has to be in good condition: large coils, excellent model, and strong batteries.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Vape Pens to Perform These Tricks

Where else? It is highly recommended to buy CBD vape products from a reputable supplier. That’s why we’re here for you. All Drdabber CBD vape pens are high-quality vape pens. Find out the best CBD vape pens and kits right for you from our store collections here.

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