Bashkir State Medical University

In the year 2010, the city Medical faculty became a district of Bashkir state medical university.

There are over eight thousand medical students, together with quite 1500 international students from forty-eight completely different countries, concerning a thousand clinical residences and Ph.D. programs and 7000 skilled postgraduate items of coaching in Bashkir State Medical University. BSMU conjointly includes the medical faculty that offers business education in courses like Nursing and Prosthetic medical specialty.

Bashkir State Medical University has the United Center of Simulation-Based coaching, furnished state-of-art simulators, wherever students, clinical residents, and physicians of BSMU will inflate their sensible skills in pediatric medicine, medical specialty, revitalization, midwifery, and medical specialty, endoscopy, surgical operation. Since the beginning of 2016, there’s been middle in BSMU for primary authorization of doctors and pharmacists.

BSMU could be a giant scientific center, wherever basic and applied medical analysis is being administrated. The scientific Infrastructure of BSMU includes lots of departments like Central research Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, Laboratory of Experimental Surgery, Vivarium, research Institute of Rehabilitation medication, research Institute of medical specialty. BSMU Scientific library stores concerning 528 000 things, and it’s one of the simplest medical libraries within the land.


BSMU is additionally renowned for its coaching of over 700 volunteers for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games that were command within the year 2014 in Sochi.

mbbs admission in Bashkir state medical university

1. Bashkir State Medical University is Established within the year 1932, and it’s Government Medical University

2. Bashkir State Medical University is one of the highest Rank Medical universities within the land.

3. Bashkir State Medical University is stratified five Among the list of high Medical Universities in Russia.

4. Bashkir State Medical University is additionally stratified at 672 in World Ranking as per RUR.

5. Bashkir State Medical University provides complete English medium study in MBBS Program for International Students.

6. Bashkir State Medical University Have the simplest quality rooms and beds in Hospital and University field, with fashionable technology.

7. Bashkir State Medical University Having a robotic surgery Centre in Its university field Hospitals, wherever students get to lose newer and advance Technology in Surgery.

8. Bashkir State Medical University is placed at the world’s high Medical University with its fashionable Infrastructure and field.

9. Bashkir State Medical University gives high-quality medication Education with quite cheap fees to the scholars. Bashkir state medical university’s fee is very low.

10. Bashkir state medical university Russia could be an extremely Demanded University among foreign medical students, particularly Indians.

11. Bashkir State Medical University opts for Students solely on a benefits basis and chooses a restricted range of scholars solely, with no state of affairs like alternative medical universities.

12. Bashkir State Medical University is Recognised By the UN agency, USA, UK, North American country MCI and every one the opposite organizations of high countries.

13. Bashkir State Medical University provides MCI coaching jobs for Indian students on university campuses solely. Bashkir is that the first University to begin an MCI coaching job for Indian Medical Students inland.

14. Bashkir state medical university in Russia is found within the lovely town city,

15. Bashkir State Medical University conjointly give superb Accommodation Facilities to International Students at a cheap rate,

16. There are quite forty-eighth Countries students are finding out in Bashkir State medical university


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