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National Exit Test, aka NExT, will be replacing NEET PG and will be impacting all MBBS students from and beyond the 2017 batch. Focused on producing more skillful doctors in India, the proposed NExT pattern has a lot many changes suggested, some of which are really drastic. Targeting to get a bare minimum standard for Indian Medical Graduates, the NEXT Exit Test includes MCQs that test the clinical and application knowledge and will be a lot like USMLE. These changes will also impact all those who will be appearing in PG medical exams in 2021.  


While many of the aspirants and PG medical coaching are clueless regarding NEXT MBBS Exit Exam Preparation, there are some platforms that have already upgraded themselves to help students prepare as per the latest pattern. Pre-PG Prep has emerged as one such platform which has updated itself to provide the one-stop solution for all those aspirants who are preparing for NEXT. Pre-PG Prep is the highest rated app on Google Play for PG medical Prep, and in this blog, we will check why it is now tagged as Best App for NEXT Preparation. 

Daily Free Clinical Quiz 

The proposed pattern for NEXT has clearly indicated that the MCQS will be asked from what students had performed rather than what they just read. Since clinically oriented questions will form a major part of this exit test, you simply can’t ignore them. Apart from paying extra attention to your practice, you also need to practice 1000s of clinical MCQs to train your brain better for the NEXT Exit Test. To meet this demand for increasing share of clinical questions, Pre-PG Prep has started a free clinical quiz on a daily basis. Apart from this, the Pre-PG App is also planning to add more than 25k+ NExT-Oriented MCQs by the end of December 2020. 

Introducing NExT-focused Flashcards 

National Exit Test will consist of questions that integrate clinical, pre-clinical, and para-clinical learnings. Apart from deliberate MCQ practice of clinical and application-based questions, you also need quality study material to develop your basics. Pre-PG has introduced flashcards to cover all those high-yield facts that can’t be covered in explanations of MCQs.  


PrepDNA 2.0 to monitor your performance as per NEXT pattern 

Practicing won’t be enough. You have to gauge where you went wrong, what are your strengths and weakness in order to beat the competition. Earlier, Pre-PG’s PrepDNA used to give you a clear insight into your subject-wise and topic-wise weaknesses, but now with the updated algorithms, this PrepDNA will also account for your performance in specifically NExT-standard questions.  

Pre-PG is regarded as the most trusted source of NEET PG preparation by doctors, but now with so many NEXT-focused features, it has even become the most favorite NEXT preparation app for 2017 and beyond batch. If you know any other better app for NEXT, share the same in the comment section below, and we will review it for you. 

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