Different Types Of PCB Boards and Their Use

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PCBs are commonly made of fiberglass composite II, Proxy, or another composite material. However, most PCBs for simple electronics are simple and composed of only a single layer, more sophisticated hardware such as; computer graphic cards, or motherboards, these can have multiple layers; sometimes up to 12

Types Of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Although PCBs are often associated with computers, they can be found in other electronic devices such as; TV, radio, digital cameras, and cell phones. Apart from its use in consumer electronics and computers, different types of PCBs are used in many other fields such as;

Single-sided PCB or single layer PCB – the single-sided PCB is the simplest, low-cost PCB. It has only one single layer of base substrate fiberglass and one single conductive copper layer hole for electronic components which aren’t plated through the layout.

Since there is only a conductive layer forming the circuit, so it is called a single-sided PCB.


Double-sided or double-layer PCB – these types of PCB have one single layer of base substrate but a conductive copper layer on both sides of the substrate. The circuit’s conductive holes in PCB allow the circuit to attach circuit on another side. The solar mask is applied on both sides of board holes for electronic components, which have to be plated through for conductivity on both.

The electronic components are soldered on both sides, both through-hole electronic components and surface mount components. SMD can be soldered on either side of this type of PCB. The SMD components can be soldered with surface mount technology since two or double conductive layers form the circuit. That’s why it is called double-sided PCB

Multilayer PCB – This one has more than two layers. These types of PCB must have a minimum of three conductive layers of conductive material or copper layer. All layers are interconnected with copper-plated holes.

The layer can be 4, 6, 8, or up to 40 layers; all active and passive electronic components assemble on top and bottom layers. All the inner stacked layers are meant for rooting both through-hole electronic components and surface mount components.

Use of PCB In Medical Field

PCB has a big contribution in advance medical and healthcare fields. With the huge expansion in advancement and its development towards a more promising time to come, symptomatic treatment and examination methodologies have shown an extreme movement in turning into a mechanized one.

This demonstrates the odds of additional normal work of PCBs or their indispensable applications to be found in the field of clinical gadgets and gear. You may be considering what huge job PCB has in the clinical field and on which premise it can hope to develop more? Indeed, the clinical PCBs are utilized in;

  • A cardiovascular field for heart-related applications, for example, pacemakers
  • In clinical imaging applications, including; MRIs
  • Also found in checking gadgets and devices like; internal heat level screens

Additionally, other endless models concerning which PCB for medical device manufacturers take high esteem in the market.

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