IELTS for Study in USA – Yes or No

Study in USA

Well, for that I can say that you both need and maybe not need the IELTS exam to study in USA.

You see, it all depends on the university you are admitted to.

Some universities may ask for the IELTS test result during the admissions process, while others may not.

Why to Choose IELTS for Study in USA?

So, as I told you, it completely depends on the university. If the universities you choose does not take the IELTS score, you would not have to take an IELTS exam.


But if you choose a university that takes the IELTS score first to complete the admission process, you must prepare for the exam first. After preparing for the exam you have to take the test and when you have taken the test you have to wait for some time to get your IELTS score.

IELTS Score for Admission

Well, not only that, you should also get a good band score to get admission into a good university. The score of the group also depends on the different universities.

Some universities may ask for a bad score of 8 while others may ask for a band score of 6, so it also totally depends on the university you want to gain admission to.

Alright, since we are talking about studying in the USA. The United States is a very beautiful country both to study and to travel. It has beautiful places to go.

Dream of Studying in USA

Besides, you can also explore them. Well, studying in the USA is also everyone’s dream.

There are about 30% of students who come from different countries to study in the United States.

The United States has the best campus life available to all students, as well as the best teaching methods and highly professional staff in their respective fields.

So, as I can say, IELTS is considered important for those who want to pursue higher education, but it is not necessary if you are applying to this US University which does not require it.

IELTS Acceptance for Study in USA

Well, most universities ask for IELTS exam, but today I will mention the names of top universities that do not ask for IELTS exam. So, the universities are:-

  • University of Delaware
  • Northwood University
  • Rice University
  • University of Dayton
  • State University of New York
  • University of New Orleans
  • University of North Alabama

So here are some of the universities that accept your admission without any IELTS exam. So, I can say that you can also go there as they are considered as the universities that provide quality education there.

Study in USA Consultants

Ok, if you still have doubts, you can also contact study in USA consultants as they can help you with all the necessary information. Also, which can be related to university, campus, accommodation and other facilities and even other things like the pricing process, rent and others.

So, you should go for them and contact them whenever you need help regarding anything.

Also, if you live in Jaipur, you can take IELTS coaching in Jaipur. There are some of the best institutes where you can take IELTS coaching in Jaipur.

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    IELTS for Study in USA
    IELTS for Study in USA
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