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Russia holds a literacy rate of 99%. It is one of the highest literacy rates among the different countries of the world. The history of medical sciences in Russia was created back to the 16th century. The first proper hospital, as well as the first medical university, was build in the year 1706 and 1707, respectively.

Russia is among the top destination to study MBBS in Russia for international students because of its high-quality modern education with very affordable fees and a great lifestyle.

Similarly, MBBS in Russia has a very reasonable cost compared to other different countries across the globe. Nowadays, there are so many medical aspirants from all over the world that are aiming to join Russian medical Universities, mainly for MBBS, BDS, and MDS. They wish to pursue MBBS abroad. If you search the list of top 100 medical universities worldwide, approximately 30 universities are from Russia.

● Benefits of doing MBBS in Russia

  1. No Donation Fees in Russia Medical College

As everyone is aware of, private institutes or bodies for doing MBBS in India demand for a huge amount of donation fees that are separate from the yearly fees. But there is no such case in medical institutes or medical universities in Russia. Even the yearly fees of all Russian medical colleges are also very less as compared to medical colleges in India. It provides a fair option to the Indian medical students to achieve their goal of becoming a doctor in their budget.

  1. No Entrance Test for seeking Admission:

There is no entrance examination taken to seek Admission in Russian medical colleges. Unlike India, there are no such criteria for taking entrance examinations like NEET/AIPMT or any other state medical exam for pursuing MBBS from Best Medical College In Russia. Admissions in Russia MBBS colleges are strictly based on the marks scored in the 12th standard. Students with a minimum 50% in three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) are eligible, and with more than 75% marks in 12th standard are most favored.

  1. Excellent Infrastructure of Top Ten Medical University In Russia

The whole university campus is very well built and maintained. Universities are equipped with modern instruments and laboratory machinery. However, pursuing MBBS in Russia is very beneficial to the students as most of the medical universities of Russia are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, MCI, and European Council.

  1. Low-cost fees in Best Universities In Russia For MBBS

Studying MBBS in Russia for Indian medical students is quite cheap as compared to any other country. Not only the Low-Cost MBBS In Russia but the daily expenses of the students. The students can save much more as compared to other countries. It depends on the student’s lifestyle.

  1. International Exposure:

As being the part of this opportunity of doing MBBS abroad and the international student gets the opportunities to know and learn about the foreign culture, ethics, and other international students. Russia is the best place for such international exposure because students from all across the world took Admission to Study MBBS Abroad In Russia.

Living in Russia surely becomes one of the best life experiences and most memorable of someone’s life. Now it is everyone’s dream of being at such a beautiful and peaceful place, and every one of us would like to explore such a country. Russia is not only the country which belongs to white people but also the country of all the colors and the good-hearted people. As being the largest and beautiful country in the world, there are many things to explore and visit in this country.

The population of the biggest country Russia, is more than 4 crore and 50 lakhs. As we are aware, Moscow is the capital of this beautiful and incredible country Russia. The biggest and most beautiful city in Russia is none other than its capital, which is Moscow city. You will be very amazed to know about the fact that there are a total of nine time zones in Russia. It means that if there is a day in one part of Russia, then there will be a night in the very opposite part of the country Russia.

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