Tips to Choose the Right Salesforce Consultant for Your Business

As a forward-looking organization, you must have chosen the best CRM platform to streamline your processes and customer relationships. However, implementing Salesforce is easy said than done. Without technical expertise and know-how, Salesforce implementation projects are bound to fail. It is therefore essential to leverage the expertise of one of the best Salesforce consulting partners.

Since there is no shortage of Salesforce partners, finding the right partner for your company might not be easy. Listed below are some important tips that can help organizations to select the right partner:

Ample Research: Ample research is required to select the right partner. It is important to look through listing websites, rating agencies, and more to shortlist some good service providers. The next research should be around finding use-cases related to industry verticals, confirming the authenticity of the service providers you have shortlisted.

Refer AppExchange: AppExchange lists more than 1600+ consultants, and each of them has a designated profile. Make sure you check the reviews and feedbacks of all the potential partners besides their certifications and versatility.


Avoid Finalizing a Partner in the first go: Avoid zeroing on the first partner that sends you a proposal in the first place. It’s prudent to ask for case studies, proof-of-concept, and demos to compare them. A good consultant will understand your requirement and prepare an implementation plan before bringing you aboard.  

See if they ask Questions: Experienced consultants are aware of the drawbacks of a flawed business model. While you may come across consultants who will readily comply with what they are being asked to do without caring much about fundamental problems. A reliable partner will not just take an interest in your vision but will ask questions regarding your model from the ground up.

Cost Considerations: Salesforce projects are usually expensive. However, looking for a service provider that offers the cheapest implementation isn’t the right move. Instead, it would help if you look for someone that can provide a time-efficient and comprehensive implementation. If cost is a concern, it’s better to estimate the total cost of ownership, including internal labor, product licenses, and maintenance.

Long-term Engagement: After a lengthy process of selecting the right partner for attaining project success, it would be great to engage them for the long term. This would save you time, as well as costs.

Quick Wrap-up:

These are some essential tips that can help you find the right partner for your company. With the right partner by your side, you can seek Salesforce support at every stage of your implementation journey.

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