Why use Visitor Management System

Managing visitors could be an issue for an organisation, you may or may not get a lot of visitors but capturing their correct and genuine details is always important. Also to ensure that your facility and employees are not left vulnerable on a shady looking log book is another priority.

Historically, this was never considered a burning need for most organisations. With changing times; enterprises are gaining consciousness around data privacy, corporate espionage, acts of violence in the workspace, and are coming aware for the need of a robust visitor management solution that targets efficiency, experience and security; all in one go!

A powerful visitor management solution adds a sleek iPad on your reception wherein visitors/ contract employees/ delivery boys/ interview candidates can sign themselves in. Every detail they enter is then verified, their photograph is captured, security protocols are signed. All this information is safely secured in the cloud for all future audit purposes or to track any unfortunate incident that might happen.

Most offices till today, manage their visitors via a conventional logbook, wherein most people share incomplete or wrong information. Given the latest data privacy laws, this face is sure to change. To be audit ready, companies now need to secure all personally identifiable information captured in any form. A logbook is theft prone, can be lost, pages could be torn, or data theft could also happen via clicking unauthorised pictures of the logbook pages. A solution like Veris can help organisations manage these threats.


The best part about deploying a system like Veris is that it pays for itself. The return on investment is completely justified. If one calculates the productive time saved via the optimum usage of this app, it is a very lucrative option. You can save while giving your lobby a fantastic makeover!
Get seamless integration and features like visitor management, female employee tracking, salesforce integration. Imagine a smart visitor management solution that could track visitors, print badges, visitor reports, track time, invite visitors, etc on a daily basis. Isn’t that what every organisation deserves?

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One thought on “Why use Visitor Management System

  1. peterssurgical.in - May 26, 2021 at 6:24 am

    No doubt, visitors are important for every organization, either it’s an office or in large building. And if there are visitors, there is always a need for a visitor management system.

    Every organization looks forward to a perfect and secured Visitor Management system whether it is Corporate, Industries, Modern Organization.

    Well, In Peter-surgical, we are now live with Veris Visitor Management System.

    We have very excellent experience of (Get Veris). As there visitor management software is having so impressive features. But, for me, personally, I loved their Self visitor-check-in App.

    I recommend GetVeris — visitor management software to all digital businesses.

    Thank you GetVeris

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