How to start your own blog and get paid $1000 a month

How to start your own blog and get paid $1000 a month

How to Make Money Online Blogging online

Start Blogging Online today

Blog and get paid. Blogging online is the next level fun and a great hobby. But the good thing about blogging is that it can bring you some decent amount of revenue each month. Blogging online and get paid using affiliate marketing, Ad network and Sponsored posts when you Start a online Blog.

Yes, we are talking $1000 dollars a month or even more. Blogging online can be tough if you are just doing this thing to make money but if you are blogging on something purposeful then and only then you can have fun and money at the same time. Blogging online requires some hard work and patience form you, most importantly at the beginning of your blog. Remember after some months of late nights and un-measurable efforts. You will get paid to blog and money will start rushing to your account easily.

I hope you know how to set up your blog online. So I shall skip the part of teaching you how to set up a blog and will focus on how you can start earning money from your launched blog website. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get right into it.  Find out how using below idea’s.

Some common ideas:

By affiliate marketing

Sponsored posts

Ad network

By affiliate marketing

Blogging online, Web hosting designer

Cheapest web hosting

Affiliate programs are the best source of earning for the start-up bloggers like you.

How? Let me explain, the affiliate marketing is simple.

As you put someone else’s product link on your blog, and when your readers buy from that link, you earn a commission. You can put a link in your blog, or you can send it via email to your subscribers. Once users click on it and make a purchase, you will earn some percentage of commission in each sale. Affiliate marketing programs are great, and the good thing about affiliate marketing is that multiple website online offer affiliate programs for the bloggers like you.

You can easily get the affiliation program from any big sellers’ websites like Amazon, eBay and multiple other businesses online. Almost every prominent business has an affiliate programs set for bloggers because some peanuts can’t harm them because they will be selling their whole products. And eventually these peanuts can add up to sweet revenue for bloggers like you and me Blogging online. We are talking hundreds of thousands of affiliate commissions, all you have to do is create SEO optimized creative content by Blogging online. So people will burst on to your blog make your blog one of the most popular blog sites. Write with passion and get paid to blog will be a piece of cake in the end.

Sponsored posts

Once you have achieved the level of potential in your blog website. Then soon you will be getting offers from brands and multiple business companies for Blogging online. Many good bloggers that have substantial traffic on their blogs daily usually get some great sponsor posts. And they get paid pretty sweet for that. In the beginning, you should go to the websites like Clever, TapInfluence, Activate, Massive Sway and other relevant websites where you can get Sponsored posts.

However, the era of Sponsored posts only begin if you have completely independent blog on WordPress, if you have your blog in blogger or some other free blogging online site, the chances of growth are pretty low. So, blogger vs WordPress? WordPress Hosting should be your choice because this is the hub of blogging.

Ad network

The next core way to earn from blogging is by putting multiple ads on your blog using Ad Network. Once you are clear about what types of blogs you are publishing in the Ad Network. And you start getting relevant ads published along with your blog and so there can be more clicks. Get involved with the Ad Network like Google Adsense,, Triple Lift, and RhythmOne and get those ads up on your blog.

So, create your own blog if you haven’t already and start earning up to $1000 Dollars or even more by following these three basic steps. Happy Blogging and Earning!

You Need following things and resources from where you can Start easily.

Domain name

Web Hosting

SEO tools free Tools for Online Blog Startups


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