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What is SSL & Why we Need?

A SSL Certificate is an important compotant for internet security. It is used to establish an encrypted connection for any data transmitted over the internet securely between a user browser and a web server or any website.

  • Creates a secure data channel between a web server and a web browser.
  • Communication is Encrypted to protect very sensitive user information. 
  • Trusted SSL padlock is displayed next to your web address in the browser, to confirm that this website is using a Encrypted data communication method.
  • SSL also authenticates an organization’s real identity.
  • It builds an trust realtionship between you and your customers.

SSL are of various types and they provide encription and do the validation at different levels. So based on the website business type, type of information used in the website, We select a proper SSL certificate.


Standard SSL (Domain Validated)

Standard SSL (Domain Validated) This type of Certificates very commonly used SSL certificate. 

OV and EV Certificates also authenticate the identity of the company or organization that holds the certificate providing more trust to your customers.

Improve Search Engine Ranking of your Website

Helps to establish user trust and apply security for your visitors and business data.

As Google always try to make internet safer and their main focus is to make sure that anyone access any site via Google is secure. Because of this, the websites using SSL encription get the benefit of ranking higher in search results.

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