How to speedup your website using Lazy Loading

How to speedup your website using Lazy Loading

Speedup your Website

As you know we offer not just the cheapest Domain Name hosting per year and cheapest Domain names, but also try to educate our customers about the new trends and technologies introduced on time to time. There is another term you may have heard Lazy Loading, its related to the web site performance and depend on the design of your website. The thinks which are related to the performance are

Lazy Loading

Web Hosting Type

Web Design

Load content from top to bottom.

SSL certificate  РGood Domain with SSL Certificate can boost the reputation and can save from being blacklisted.

The reason why any website can be slow can happen due to many factors. It can be a bad hosting service, slow internet. But from the design point of view the website performance is 80% always bad due to poor web design. And if you have to fix the code 1st of all Analyse how your web content is loading ?.

The major part of the content are images/video or any JS script etc. So to fix the performance issues, we need to prioritize the web content, which can increase the web speed significantly by loading the content 1st and then all the CSS or JS scripts then images. Preferably it makes more sense to load content from top to bottom. There is a process called Lazy loading allows your content on your web site to load first and then load everything else like JS. Also we can control how the content is loaded for a specific web view, and even without effecting the user experience.

The good news is search engines like Google prefer Lazy loading option when it comes to speed and search engine optimization.

There are so many WordPress plugins that can help us do this that are simple and pretty lightweight. Try something like Lazy Load or WP Rocket.


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