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We at BlueHill Hosting offers free domains to park in your control panel. Our clients with web hosting services can park unlimited web domains without any restrictions. We offer 100’s of domain extensions like .com or .live and many more anyone can imagine. But we always try to provide as low prices as possible. The domain name is the core of any online business. If you select a domain name that reflects your business from its name, then automatically you are on a track to achieve success, Rest of the success depends on your customer support and your product or service your web site is offering to the clients.


First, step you need to register your domain. Click here to find the available domain names.


Steps to Park a Domain: We assume you already registered a Domain name with us, Please make sure you update the domain name servers of your domain, which you are planning to park. Where you want to park to your primary domain name server.

1. Log into your BlueHillHosting cPanel Dashboard.
2. Go to top of the cPanel, in the search box, search for "Domains," and you will see a Domain section, then click on "Aliases" Icon from the cPanel.

3. Then next, you will see an option to "Create a New Domain Alias." in the text field, you need to enter the web domain name, which we want to park.

4. Now click the icon "Add Domain" submit button.

At the next screen, you will see a success message saying that your Domain name is Parked Successfully.  So now you know how to park any number of domains with us.  

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