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Our Shared Web hosting Plans Include

Shared blog Web Wordpress Hosting and Build Website Free
Shared Hosting Domains

When you purchase our premium shared hosting or any other shared web hosting, You can get Free domains with eligible WordPress to share hosting packages. Also, you can easily manage your multiple web domains from one screen. All the basic or advanced actions like Transfer, update, purchase, and administer any of your domain names from our Client web dashboard by navigating to >> "Web Domains" screen. You can purchase and host unlimited domains with qualified shared web hosting plans, including parked domains.

Shared Web Hosting and Build Website Free
Maxium Uptime 99.99%

Our premium shared hosting platform is smart enough to self-manage the website resource utilization based on the shared web plan you purchased. So, in other words, you don't have to worry about downtime or outage because your website is on a shared web server hosting plan. Every premium shared hosting plan website get their share of resources. This leads to the maximum uptime for all shared web hosting websites. This means your website will be up and running 99.99% of the time. Anyone who misuses the resources gets the notifications, and they need to upgrade their package to the next premium shared hosting plan to accommodate any extra resource utilization. This makes our shared web hosting services secure and reliable.

Shared Web Hosting and Build Website Free
1-Click Plan Upgrades

We try to keep our web services reliable and stable by educating our customers when their website starts getting high traffic so that there should be no outage because of less web hosting power. So we offered a web hosting platform where our customers can upgrade their premium shared hosting plans with just 1-Click. During the Upgrade, most of the time, there is no downtime unless the customer requests a major upgrade of server resources. So our customers can upgrade their web services very easily without any interruption or knowledge. But in case they need any technical help, our customer support is always ready to help.

Free SSL Certificates
Free Auto SSL

When buying shared hosting, all shared web hosting plans offered come with the Auto SSL Let's Encrypt. This auto SSL is the basic online security required to establishes a secure connection between your website and your visitors. All the information, like sensitive data, is safeguarded by SSL using data encryption.

Power Web Hosting Plans and Add-Ons

The sky is the limit when you in a business. So add advanced features and Upgrade to a Faster Hosting Plan if you need it!

affordable shared hosting plans
Multi Site Management

We made it very easy to Manage multiple website accounts from one login using our SSO feature. For Example, premium shared hosting, WordPress eCommerce Hosting, Fast Shared Hosting, VPS Server account, or even dedicated Servers can be managed from one account with ease using one dashboard login. Just log in once and manage all of your Services in one place. This simplifies even to manage 100's of websites with 1-Click.

Single Sign-on Login Access with premium shared hosting
Single Sign-on Login Access

We believe in Simplicity, Stability, and Security. Users control all their services using a Master password for the entire account then can create separate passwords restricting access to different services and areas of your account, like one for Shared hosting Web Panel, VPS server hosting, and dedicated servers. But you don't need to remember any because we offer a Single Sign-on login to access any service from one place.

Supper Fast Nginx-Apache Hosting
Supper Fast Nginx-Apache Hosting

Our state-of-the-art fast shared hosting servers are running on Nginx and Apache web servers. This technology offers speed and high performance and keeps all our client web site's load time very less. Less load time helps your eCommerce website respond fast and generate more revenue. All these features are available to all over customers who are using premium shared hosting plans.

Supper User Capabilities
Advanced User Capabilities

With all VPS servers hosting plans, you get all advanced capabilities like Secure Shell (SSH) access, and the server-side includes log file access and web-based managers for files, databases, and email. Customize your own .htaccess files, cron jobs, and php.ini files, and even Full root access. Even you can reinstall the OS on your Server.

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6, Fast Shared Hosting
Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

Some of our Advanced Products, like VPS servers, offer you Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6 support, which is required to host Mobile apps or a busy eCommerce online store. Setup your own firewall rules, including advanced control of ports, and further protect your account by securing an IP address assigned.

Domain Privacy
Domain Privacy

We offer Domain Privacy to prevent any identity theft, spam, and phishing attacks by hiding your personal information registered with your web domain name. It's an add-on feature.

SiteLock Protection
SiteLock Protection

Sitelock is an on-demand service to Protect your business or personal online site with extra security against cyber attacks. You can install VPN service with premium shared hosting, WordPress eCommerce Hosting, Fast Shared Hosting, VPS Server plans.

CodeGuard Backup's
CodeGuard Backup's

CodeGuard is an additional addon that helps you take daily backups and save them each as a separate version - Which makes it easy to restore from back-in-time in case of any disaster. You can install VPN service with premium shared hosting, WordPress eCommerce Hosting, Fast Shared Hosting, VPS Server plans.

VPN from SiteLock
VPN from SiteLock

Get a VPN service to protect your data and your customer's sensitive info. VPN is based on advanced cybersecurity technology to protect your business data from hackers. It also helps you to run your business worry-free by securing your website's reputation. It protects your websites against cyber attacks and malware by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities and threats before it's too late. You can install VPN service with premium shared hosting, WordPress eCommerce Hosting, Fast Shared Hosting, VPS Server plans.

24/7 Shared Hosting Support

Our in-house Geeks are always ready to Resolving Client issues and help answer your inquiries. You can email or Contact us on WhatsUp or Chat anytime! And manage your WordPress website.

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