Dedicated VPS Servers
Self managed

Full Root user Access

All Open Ports

Dedicated IP

from $5.99

Plesk or Cpanel as an Addon

Dedicated Server RAM & CPU resources, full Root access,
VPS Servers from 1 CPU, 2gb RAM and unlimited Bandwidth
Easy upgrade to high RAM, CPU or SSD Storage without code migration.
Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites or Mobile apps.

Global Server Data Centers

Worldwide Server locations - USA, Canada, France, Poland, UK, Australia & Asia.

Dedicated VPS Server includes

Self managed VPS Servers comes with unrestricted open ports and Root Access with remarkable power and 99.99% uptime.

Self managed Dedicated VPS Servers Root user | Open Ports
FREE Dedicated IP4 and IP6

Every VPS comes standard with a dedicated IP4 & IP6 address, which is included at no extra cost. Mobile & Web Apps function really well when hosted using a dedicated IP Address.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Linux or Windows OS

All our VPS servers are highly customizable. On our VPS servers, you can choose from many Linux builds like Debian, Centos, Ubuntu, etc. or a Windows based operating system.

24/7 Support
24/7 Support

We're very confident about the stability of our infrastructure, but if you need any help to set up or need help in the configuration, we offer on demand paid expert service plus free support to our customers.

Free SSL Certificate
Free SSL Certificate

All our web hosting panels support the free Auto SSL. Even if you got a VPS server and installed a 3rd party web panel to host your mobile or web app, we still provide limited support with the Auto SSL, which is free.

Root Access
Root/Admin Access

All our VPS dedicated servers offer KVM access along with full Admin or root access. You can any time reinstall, reboot, or install or uninstall anything from your self-managed VPS server because it's owned by you only. You have full control of your server.

Extreme Performance
Unlimited Network Bandwidth

Our VPS servers are known for their fast performance and reliability. These are self-managed servers with unlimited network bandwidth. SO there is no worry about the monthly bandwidth limits or additional cost of Network usage.

Instant Provisioning
Quick Delivery

When you purchase any VPS server from us, it takes a few minutes or very rare to take a few hrs depending upon the hardware configuration. And you get an email with the login credentials with first-time usage instructions.

Guaranteed Resources
Guaranteed Resources

We use dedicated high-performance components, so your websites never crash due to the unavailability of resources. Your resources are guaranteed to be there at all times.

Enhanced Control Panel
Easy Server Upgrade

All VPS servers are easily upgradable to any higher memory, storage, CPU power, or additional IP addresses. During these upgrades, typically, if it's the same datacenter, then there is no data migration required and happens in a few minutes without any loss of code or configuration.

Full Self Service VPS Server

Our Easy Server Management and Scalable web platform offer easy controls as per your website needs.

Multi-Server Management
Multi-Server Management

Do you want to manage multiple servers from one control panel? Then no need to worry when you purchase the VPS server from BlueHill Hosting. We provide a Central Web Panel to manage multiple Servers, Web hosting services, domains, Ip addresses, SSL certificates, and much more from one control panel. No need to remember credentials for every service. But still, you want separate you can have that also. Our Web hosting architecture is designed in such a way that you can control every service or servers from one panel.

Access Control
Easy Servers Controls

We also provide very simple Server access control in our central web panel. All the server hardware software information, including OS type, IP address, Datacenter, and even the server network usage graphs, can be accessed from the central web panel. Also, in case you want to Re-install the OS or want to reboot the server, you can do all the tasks from one place in a very simple and secure way without using shell access.

Server Resource Usage
Server Resource Usage

How to check if I need more RAM or CPU power? And when I need a Server upgrade? This helps you run your Mobile or web apps run smoothly. Here at BlueHill Hosting, we made it very simple. From our Central Web Panel, users can any time monitor the network usage, RAM, and CPU usage and can also see the historical data if the Server is consuming more memory, network traffic, or CPU power for certain tasks. So users can decide and go for the next Server configuration.

Advanced Capabilities
Advanced Capabilities

Our VPS servers are designed from the ground up to support everything you could need, like Secure Shell (SSH) access, server-side includes, log file access, and web-based managers for files, databases, and email. Customize your own .htaccess files, cron jobs, and php.ini files. Our dedicated servers are capable of running any type of web or mobile apps like video apps, online file sharing apps, eCommerce online stores, video web sites. Using our video optimized servers, the sky is the limit to grow with us. Select a server from anywhere on the globe, as we can provide dedicated or VPS servers in Asia, Europe, America, with almost 6 data centers and any operating system you name.

Database Management
Database Management

In case you ordered a server with a service having a database, then it's very simple to manage the database. Suppose, if you are using Centos Web Panel, it's like a breeze to create database users and creating a new database, and assigning new privileges. You can manage MongoDB, MySQL, or any other type of database depending upon your requirements. All the web and mobile apps now days require a database as their backend. All databases consume a lot of resources and need to be live all the time, So using our servers, you can easily achieve this, and in the future, they are easily upgradable to higher hardware and software configuration with minimum downtime and without any code change.

Dedicated Server Services includes...

Enhance your VPS Firewall security, Server upgrades, and more.

Additional Resources
Additional RAM, CPU or Storage

Adding additional CPU, RAM, Storage space, IP addresses is very simple and easy. Most of the resources are upgraded without data migration. The upgrade of storage or any other resources happens instantly, and the new resources started showing after to reboot the server, and there is hardly any downtime during the upgrade process.

Domain Privacy
Web Hosting Planels

Popular Web hosting Panels are cPanel, Centos Web Panel, Plesk, and VestaCP. VPS cPanel and Plesk are the premium paid web hosting panels, but we offer these at a very discounted price when you purchase these at the time of purchasing your VPS Server. But if you want a Free Web hosting panel, then the most stable option is Centos Web Panel, which is full function web panel comes in free and paid versions.

Server Security Addons

Most of the VPS Web hosting panels come with firewall protection. These firewalls protect your servers and data from hackers. The most common firewall is ConfigServer Firewall (CSF). It has many features that safeguard your server from intruders. It blocks these attackers and adds to the blacklists. Such attempts are often called "Brute-force attacks" the CSF is one of the effective tools to secure your server.

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