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How to Create a Business Website or Blog

How to Create a Business Website or Blog

Starting a Blog in minutes – Starting a Business Website in minutes

Its very simple process to Starting a Blog in minutes or Starting a Business Website in minutes. 1st web site can be your New business website, blog or any other personal website. Like many other companies we also offer all the web services under one umbrella, instead of wasting time on very complicated and confusing online websites. We made all our processes very simple and convenient.

Starting a Blog in minutes - Starting a Business Website in minutes

To start just follow the screen prompt and start your 1st website in minutes using our word class web services. We offer WordPress as already installed web design tool to start with. All the common questions can be found in our knowledge base to get answer for your common questions.

Above all there are 4 important components needed to start your 1st web site Click here to start 

Domain Name

1st most important component is Domain, its a online address on the web to find someone, like your telephone or house address. Domain name is always unique and anyone can register it for minimum of 1 year up to 10 years depending upon the domain registrar company or web hosting company. Using domain name anyone can find your business or blog on the web, anywhere in the word. Just an example your web site name can be, if you already have a Domain name then you can also use it and transfer to us Register or Transfer your existing Domain or Website Name.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a web service where you host your web site content or online store run a website. Therefore to get this service web owner need to rent some web space on the web servers. In the web hosting companies offer cPanel software where web owner can manage all their applications, business email, Add Domain, Install and upgrade WordPress. This control panel helps the user to controls the web sites features and make him the owner to control almost all aspects of the online blog or Online Store. So its seems like a must to have it component.

Web design tools

Because web designing is the main key to get online success, therefore be careful with the selection web design tools available. Likewise there are many web design tools available in the market, Above all WordPress is one of the best. As most of the web hosting companies offer WordPress as a standard web design tool. If some one worked on any other design tools, its very easy to use WordPress and you can start a online site in minutes. This  is a Do-it-yourself web design tool. Similarly you also get WordPress from us also.

Web Security

Finally SSL Certificate is required to protect your online information. Its a unique piece of code installed on the website. SSL encrypt and decrypt the web traffic between user and web server. Therefore keeping the hackers away and make the web safe.

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