Java Script in Web Sites Good or Bad

Java Script in Web Sites Good or Bad

How to code Java Script in Web Sites

Everyone like to use JavaScript in their Web Sites with cool features to attract new online users on their online business websites, personal site or blog. But before start codding any web site or any software code where we are going to use any additional functionality. Remember one thing. Nothing comes without sacrificing something else, In web designing to get the cool features we loose speed. Use of Java Script in Web Sites can slow down your mobile and desktop website. So don’t use JavaScript when not required.

Web Sites with cool features

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Another work around is to use JavaScript at the end. Because all browsers load top elements first and load JavaScript at the end and make your web site faster. So always move JS scripts to the bottom of the page when ever possible. This way HTML content loads faster. Heavy use of Java Script in Web Sites can be costly, don’t try to use too  much JS scripts, otherwise the web page will not load fast, which will be very expensive when you loose the online traffic. There is another suggestion to use the inline java script to improve the performance of your web pages.

Tools to test the optimization: There are many ways we can check the errors and get suggestions from the freely available web tools like googles search console, which are kind of must to have it if you are running a Web site and want to optimize it properly and get Web Sites with cool features. Java is used by more than billion devices worldwide, its not a bad language but we need to learn how to use it. So that we can get all the benefits and do our business.


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