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What is "Referral Partner"?

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Register and is completely FREE to join as a Referral Partner. You'll receive a unique hardcoded url and tracking Dashboard. Your hardcoded unique URL can be used on your website right away. And the moment anyone click on that and place order even in your absence from your website or shared link you get the details on your dashboard.
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We assign you a custom hardcoded URL. So whenever anyone makes any purchase using that URL, then you will get credited, and you can also see the activity in your client's area dashboard.

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Our tech managers are always to help you succeed. They will be there to help you with personalized advice.

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There's no limit on the amount of commissions you can earn. Refer to us as many clients as you like. Never hold you back.

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Use your custom URL for we provide to your clients or add on your website and monitor their activity from our Dashboard. Check everything in real-time for user clicks, conversions, and more.

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We offer a 100% free web hosting service to launch a Reseller referral website when you promote our business on your website.

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What is the web hosting Referral Partner Program?

The Bluehill Hosting Referral Partner Program is a marketing program where we pay fixed commissions to our Referral Partners when they provide new customers. They can promote Bluehill Hosting using the banners and text links embedded with a referral URL (URL we provide). We then track the referrals sent to our website through your link and get a commission for every final order. Join Now

How, I Get a Free WordPress web Hosting?

To claim your 100% free web hosting account from Blue hill Hosting. You need to be our Referral partner. Once you join us, then you get a custom URL, which you can share with anyone, on social sites, and most importantly, on your website, which you will be hosting on our servers for free. It's 100% Free if you are generating at least two new clients per year. Join Now

Where can I promote Bluehill Hosting?

You can promote Bluehill Hosting on your website, blog, social media, forums, email marketing, etc.

Do I need to pay a sign up fee?

No, the signup is free. Plus, you get 100% Free WordPress Hosting to host your site

Where do I sign up for the Bluehill Hosting Referral Partner Program?

You can sign up for the Referral Partner program Join Now Start here, and Activate it by clicking "Referral Partner".

What technical skills Required to become a Bluehill Hosting Referral Partner?

There is no need to have high technical skills for becoming a Referral Partner. We will provide you a custom URL, which you can share on your website or thru Social media. That's all you need. It will start driving traffic, and you earn money on every client. Join Now

Where can I find the text links or banners?

You get custom Referral links in your Online Account under tab "Referral Partner".

How much I can Earn?

We offer a flat commission per qualifying Order. Currently, we are offering 10% per Order.

Where can I monitor my Earnings?

The Referral Partner panel displays all information about your Commissions, Sales, orders and much more.

How do I get paid?

At present Commission payouts are made via Bank/Wire Transfer or PayPal.

Where do I update my bank account details to receive commissions?

To update your bank account details kindly follow the below mentioned steps:
1. Login to the Affiliate portal
2.Click on Finance > Withdrawal Settings
3. Select either 'Payment Method' or 'Payment Scheduling' and enter the requested details.

What if my client referral doesn't show up in my dashboard?

Don't worry our Tech support will work with you to resolve this as quickly as possible.
Send an email to
Along with the Domain name and Date of Sale.

What is the cookie duration?

The tracking cookie will remain valid for 30 days

Where can I read your Terms & Conditions?

Our BHH Referral Partner Terms and Conditions are available here.

Will Bluehill Hosting help me anyway to Grow my Referrals business?

We will help you with a Free Web Hosting account so that you can have your Web Hosting up and running in no time using our Free WordPress Hosting. Apart from this, we will also help you with updated offers and much more.

Can I use Bluehill Hosting keywords?

As per our guidelines, you are not permitted to use Bluehill Hosting brand keywords such as Bluehillhosting, Bluehill Hosting, Bluehill Hosting, etc.

Were to contact for questions regarding the Referral Partner program?

For assistance kindly send an email to

24/7 Support

For questions setting up anything or advice on how to succeed as a Referral Partner, please contact us: