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Bonus Features our Domains Include

Easy Management
Easy Management

Our Domain Name search tool is so very simple that even a 1st-time computer user can easily search and register any new website domain within a few minutes. You can manage 100's domains from one simple dashboard using one simple to manage web panel. It's very easy to update your Name Servers or any DNS records with few simple clicks.


Our State of the art system help protects your domain by enabling auto-renewal option and avoid any loss of domain name. But you can always disable this option if you want manual renewal. This service is a really good automation feature that always protects your valuable domain name.

Domain Lock
Domain Lock

The domain lock is one of the very important must-have features. It protects your domains from accidental transfer. Once you register your domain, you must lock it down to prevent any unauthorized transfers by someone who can steal your business. You can Unlock it anytime if you want to transfers it. We offer this service to all our clients when they register with us.

24/7 Expert Support

Our in-house web hosting experts are always ready to address any questions or issues our customers want them to resolve. We help answer your inquiries and develop your essence on the web. We are always working hard to make our web services stable and try to save our web hosting cost lowest possible to help all Bluehill Hosting customers happy. You can email us anytime!

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